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PFBO is a great option for recurring, residual monthly revenue. The diversity of professionals who are profiting at PPM Promos is inspiring. We see that both small and large businesses alike benefit from the extra income they get in those sweet upfront checks coming in from the sales made using the PFBO. PPM Promos appeal to a broad spectrum of business partners and from entrepreneurs to traditional commercial enterprises. Our growing client list includes seminar trainers, public speakers, authors, stay at home moms and dads, even Baby Boomer retirees who are looking to stay engaged. The common denominator for this is that everyone has the ability to increase their income by using the PFBO system! Commercial interests such as web design firms, advertising agencies, law firms, car dealerships, local newspapers and tech platform owners have all joined this program to help promote their businesses. Even if you simply wish to start your own home based business and make a few hundred extra dollars a month or if your desires are to make a massive amount of money …. these opportunities are perfect for everyone! We offer a low cost of entry to get started. We have all the hallmarks of a successful technology-driven, modern business model with huge commissions, yet there is no inventory to buy or re-stock. Every business out there is a prospect. The world is your oyster. The system applies to all business structures from MLM businesses to mainstream corporations. PFBO helps any company of any size separate itself from its competition. PPM Premium Promos work.

We have helped many Fortune 25 companies, Fortune 500 companies, and even Fortune 1,000 companies, like Discover Card, to promote and increase their sales. If companies like Wells Fargo & TCF Bank have successfully used our 3 day 2 night vacation incentives to increase the volumes of their personal and commercial account business sales, we are confident the PPM Promos will help sell your products and services too. Our program provides you with a lucrative, ongoing, passive income stream where you earn a monthly residual for as long as people remain on the program. You get paid 50% of all of the $97 dollar flagship programs or any other PPM Promos program you sell. AND REMEMBER .. its residual income! How many products do most network marketers need to sell just to make 50 dollars a month in residual income? With PPM Promos you sell just one $97 flagship program and that 50% residual income comes back to you month after month! Our CEO is a 20 plus year network marketing veteran who well understands the power of this leverage. So here at PPM Promos/ Prosperity Sites we love MLM because we understand and know that industry and we know it well. We developed this opportunity as a way to both promote and to compliment your existing business, and maximizing your MLM or affiliate program benefit without creating any conflict of interest. Technology has created a lot of portfolio networkers out there. Our program helps feed them all with increased production and a low fixed overhead.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to these highly profitable upfront 50% sales commissions that we pay on all of your personal upfront sales, we will also pay you 20% of the monthly recurring residual income stream on all the back end web studio, tracking and hosting fees on all those businesses you personally sell plans too. Nobody else in the industry pays on this! Why? Because that is where most companies make their real money based on volume. We only pay you on one level, your personal sales…..since ours is not an MLM Pay out structure. You will get paid only on those you sell, but not those being sold below you. Except on our MLM Top Gun Program. Go check it out for details!

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: You make up to 50% commissions instantly with NO qualifying or re-qualifying ever! Again while our comp plan does not pay out on multiple levels; it doesn’t need to in order to be and to remain significant as people acquire customers and share the opportunity each month. It’s a pure play program business opportunity. Make a great upfront income and a powerful back end residual passive income stream. Your own personal website for $497 comes complete with a back office web studio, a custom certificate center for custom printed certificates in addition to a paperless option to save big on ink and marketing costs. Our system has an integrated tracking and accounting system for your commissions so you can see what you are making, and have access to how all the numbers are generated. A minimum fee of $29.97 a month covers all hosting, tracking of your affiliate website, accounting for sales made, and more. There is an upgrade available on the monthly fee. Get positioned today!